Sunday, August 28, 2016

Press Release -- Wake County Board of Education Election

It's been a while since I posted here, but as I received some inquiries as to why my name was not on the mail-in ballot. This statement was released (but distributed less widely than I had hoped) early last week, and is reproduced here:

Raleigh, NC -- August 17, 2016 -- Statement from Mr. James McLuckie:

Due to the recently reversion of the Wake County Board of Education districts to their 2011 lines, Mr. McLuckie will not be filing to run for a seat on the Wake County School Board. Christine Kushner has filed for re-election in District 6.

Mr. McLuckie is of the position that it would be inappropriate to run in District 6: "I am unwilling to pursue a seat against Mrs. Kushner -- she has not only been friendly, polite, courteous, and professional in our interactions as candidates, but is also infinitely more familiar with District 6 than I am. Although I am possessed with the desire to serve the public, replacing Mrs. Kushner would not be beneficial to the residents of our district; as such, I withdraw from the race, and wish to extend my warmest congratulations to Christine on her position as District 6 representative during the upcoming term"

"I commend Mr. McLuckie for his interest in public education and public service, and I am grateful for his support," said Mrs. Kushner. "I am honored to serve on the School Board, advocating for our 176 schools and 160,000 students. I am committed to continuing to serve in that role."

With thanks to, and regard for, the citizens of Wake County,
-James McLuckie 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Policy Statement: Triangle Labor Council

After the jump, a questionnaire from the Triangle Labor Council, as well as my positions. I suspect question #6 will address my position regarding Common Core.