Monday, June 20, 2016

Meet the Candidate

If we're going to go through this process together, I should share a little about my background:

- Politically speaking, I tend to be conservative on economic issues and liberal on social issues. I am registered Unaffiliated in Wake County, NC.

- I am the owner of a small business (Carolina Personal Services) which serves the community by working one-on-one or in small groups with students interested in pursuing college credit through the College Level Examination Program. Enrollment is currently limited, but there are a handful of time slots still available, so please contact me at or by phone at (919) 523-9230 for more information.

- I was born in December, 1978 in Pennsylvania, grew up in suburban Philadelphia until I was 13, and moved to North Carolina for high school (West Forsyth High School, Class of 1997, Go Titans!).

- I was a bit of a rebellious teenager... until I was nearly 30! I moved up and down the East Coast, and worked in a variety of sales, customer service, and retail jobs (usually as a 3rd key/shift manager, meaning extra responsibility with minimal extra authority or compensation), before finally joining my local volunteer firehouse and becoming an Emergency Medical Technician.

- Although I enjoyed my time working in Emergency Services, I returned to college at age 32 [B.A. Criminal Justice, Albertus Magnus College, Class of 2013] before coming home to North Carolina for law school and business school [Juris Doctor, Campbell University, Class of 2016 / Masters of Business Administration, Elon University, Projected graduation date 2018].

- In my increasingly rare spare time, I read for pleasure (including periodical media and popular fiction), I enjoy cooking (I make a spectacular Alfredo sauce!), and I'm a sports fan. Also, as I consider myself to be Carolina-bred, I'm fortunate enough to have a passion for sweet tea and a deep distaste for snow.

I will continue to add to this section as the campaign progresses.

-J. McL

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