Monday, June 20, 2016

Welcome to the Government Lab!

If you're reading this, you've either gotten desperately lost on your way to another website, or you have an interest in government. Either way, welcome to the great experiment! This blog will be a combination of a personal campaign platform, and a narrative of the electoral process at the local level. In essence, this is a 'ride-along' for those who are curious about politics... an overview, from start to finish, of what a political campaign looks like from the perspective of the candidate.

As Americans, we frequently discuss politics. We exercise our voting privilege. We choose our representatives at the federal, state, and local level. But how many of us have ever run for office? The Government Lab is an exercise in transparency. I intend to document the process of running for office each step of the way, and to share my experiences with all of you readers while soliciting your feedback.

I will also be designing a North Carolina State Campaign Finance Made (Relatively) Easy section, which will attempt to make the vague and arcane nature of compliance with election law into something fairly easy to follow. I'll be doing that quickly, because one of the first things you learn as a candidate for local political office is that failing to submit (or submitting incorrect) paperwork to the State Board of Elections opens you up to sanctions -- both civil and criminal! Put differently, the downside of the great experiment is paperwork: if I fill it out improperly or insufficiently, or fail to submit it on time, there are... consequences.

Finally, I'll also be taking questions and comments from readers, with the intent of putting together a mailbag post on a fairly regular basis. So, please submit your questions, comments, concerns, and thoughts in the comments sections of the posts or reach out to me:

Twitter: @mcluckieesquire
Phone: (919) 584-4529

Thank you for being here, and welcome to the Government Lab!

-James McLuckie

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