Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Media Coverage and Campaign Needs

It's strange how we go through life believing that the life-changing experiences that will shape us come with a flashing red light, or an attached note that says "This is serious!"

Shockingly(!!), this isn't always the case, but when seeing one's own words about the Great Experiment in someone else's newsprint, the flashing red light appears by implication (Thank you, T. Keung Hui of the Raleigh News & Observer). As such, this is something of a reality check. If I am going to be able to produce change in the Wake County Public School System, I am going to need support -- which doesn't exclusively mean money.

Without further delay, I present a list of things this campaign could *really* use:

1)Technology and Social Media Support: The tablet notebook which is the main internet connection of the campaign wasn't exactly top of the line when it was new. If any of you have a computer you don't need, please contact me and we'll arrange an In-Kind donation.

In addition, I could use someone who is skilled with Social Media. I can name Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram... but I'm only using one of those services, and I wouldn't even know where else to start. I'd be delighted to give special consideration to volunteers who are currently enrolled in the Wake County Public School System.

2)Content Contributors: Are you enthusiastic or dismayed by a particular aspect of public education? Would you be willing to explain what you're passionate about, why it matters, and how it can be encouraged or corrected? Great, because I want to provide a forum for you to share your views -- and I'd be thrilled to hear from current and former educators.

Whether you're in Wake County, or in the State of North Carolina, or simply have an idea you wish to share, send it along! I want opinions, because well-considered opinions generate well-planned options.

3)Time & Money: Alas, without financial resources, no political campaign survives. And as I mentioned in the Campaign Finance Made Easy post, being unaffiliated means no political party support -- no obligations to the system, but no ability to change the system without support.

It would be forgivable to suspect that a law school graduate pursuing an M.B.A. would be unabashed about asking other people for money, but that's not my style. I'd love to be able to fund this run for office entirely on my own, but I can't, and so I'm asking for help from interested parties everywhere.

If you're not interested in parting with money, perhaps you could share your time? Tell your friends, neighbors, and coworkers to visit the Government Lab, and if you're interested in doing more to support political transparency, please let me know.

My contact information is here. Email, text, tweet, or whatever you need to do to reach out!

Thanking you in advance for your time, attention, and assistance,
-J. McL.

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